In The Name

Chris explores the power of Jesus’ name, and how God calls each of us by name to do his work in Acts 4: 5-12.

The Potter

David explores the meaning of Jesus’ death on the Cross and looks at how God makes us into a new creation in Jeremiah 18:1-10.

Seeing Jesus

Chris brings us a message from John 20:19-31 on the importance of the resurrection for the disciples, of how important it should be for us, and how our belief in it should shape our behaviour.

Trusting God

Chris brings us a message on the story of Moses, and how we can trust God.

Jesus as God’s promise

As we enter this time of Lent, Chris looks at the stories of Noah and Jesus, and talks about the promises of God, the life that they bring, and our response to them.

Finding Time to Meet God

Using the story of Jesus’ transfiguration Helen encourages us to find time to meet with God as that strengthens us for the ups and downs of everyday life.

The Work of Christmas Begins

Christmas may be over but the message of Christmas remains bright and clear – Jesus brings all things from darkness to light and transforms lives. Anna and Simeon recognised this in Jesus and rejoiced, can we do that in our own lives today – recognise Jesus, and reflect his light in our daily routines.

Who are you following?

Chris brings us the message from Revelation 19: 6-10 and John 2: 1-11, on how Jesus calls us to follow him.

Called by name

Chris brings us the message from 1 Samuel 3: 1-10 and John 1: 43-51, on how God calls each one of us, and provides us with purpose.

What Happened Next…

Chris brings us a message on how important it is apply the message of Christmas to our lives throughout the year.