Thy Kingdom Come – 10th -20th May 2018 – A Wave of Prayer

Join us and millions of people around the globe in a wave of prayer. Thy Kingdom Come is a simple invitation to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for friends and family to come to faith.  “Prayer moves us closer not only to God, but to one another. It connects us with those whom we otherwise cannot…

In The Name

Chris explores the power of Jesus’ name, and how God calls each of us by name to do his work in Acts 4: 5-12.

The Potter

David explores the meaning of Jesus’ death on the Cross and looks at how God makes us into a new creation in Jeremiah 18:1-10.

Seeing Jesus

Chris brings us a message from John 20:19-31 on the importance of the resurrection for the disciples, of how important it should be for us, and how our belief in it should shape our behaviour.

Talk: The Many Faces of Pocahontas

A gathering of about 100 came to the church to hear the talk entitled ‘The Many Faces of Pocahontas’ and a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting talk it was. Jamie Bosket spoke first; he is the very youthful President and CEO of the Virginia Museum of History and Culture. Jamie spoke eloquently and fluently about the…

Live Lent – Week 5 – Leaving

Jesus invites us to follow him and let go of those things that stop us in our tracks: to let go of status so that we can, like him, kneel and wash feet; to release our fear so that we can, in obedience to him, love one another. Read John 12:12-26 Jesus says goodbye to Bethany and…

Model Railway Exhibition

On the Sat 24th Feb 2018 we held our ninth annual Model Railway exhibition. Organised by Jean and Trevor Ault, it was undoubtedly one of the most successful. ‘What made it so successful?’ you may ask. The key ingredient is the visitors, and there were lots of them; in fact at the busiest times the…

Live Lent – Week 4 – Life

Jesus is Good News for the world and for your friends because he came to enable all people to have life, not just some and not just a half-life. Abundant life. For all. Read John 10:1-21 Some of Jesus’ most strongly worded conversations were with religious leaders. Too often the effect of their teaching and…

Trusting God

Chris brings us a message on the story of Moses, and how we can trust God.

Live Lent – Week 3 – Light

This week is an opportunity to reflect on the light that Jesus brings to your life and your situation –and on the opportunities and responsibilities we might have as light-bearers. Read John 8:12-20 Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have…