Helen Reeves

I am the Reverend Helen Reeves and I have the pleasure and the privilege to be serving as Assistant Curate in the parish of St George, Gravesend since my ordination in September 2015. I am a Self Supporting Minister (SSM) which means that I work in the parish for a set number of days each week alongside the rector and ministry team.

During my ordination training, I spent two years in the parish of Fawkham and Hartley and one year at St Edmund, West Kingsdown, moving there from my sending parish of St John’s, Sutton at Hone.

My training for ordination was completed whilst still working full time and was undertaken on a part time basis, over three years with the South East Institute for Theological Education (SEITE), now St Augustine’s College of Theology. I am now retired after serving for 28 years as a police officer.

I am married and we have two fantastic children, a beautiful, but mad, Labrador dog and a very aloof ginger cat; who rules the dog (and the rest of us) with a paw of iron! I love the sea, enjoy a good walk, a trip to cinema, a meal out or a glass of wine with friends (not all at the same time!) With all the busyness of life I find setting aside time each day to pray and have some quiet time with God is vitally important; it refreshes and invigorates me for the next task and I thoroughly recommend it.

Recent Posts

Live Lent – Week 1 – Change

Jesus attends a wedding at Cana at which disaster strikes: the wine runs out!  Jesus’ mother asks for his help. At Jesus’ instructions water is poured into some large jars, they are filled to the brim. As the water is then drawn out from the jars it is transformed.  Water has become wine. Not just…

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, a day to remember that we are ‘dust and ashes’ and to look our mortality in the face. We do so not to make us miserable or morbid. The reason is actually just the opposite. As we embrace our mortality we find freedom to take hold afresh of the gift of life.…

Happy New Year

A New Year begins. Perhaps it offers new opportunities and possibilities. It certainly offers the chance to live differently even within realities that don’t change. Step Out … As you reflect on your Advent and Christmas journey with God, the time spent in prayer, listening, watching, waiting and ultimately welcoming Jesus, it might be that…

God With Us – Advent Week 4

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without presents nor the moment of excitement as gifts are unwrapped or stockings emptied. It takes a bit of time, but we can’t enjoy the gift until we’ve done it. Advent Week 4 – Welcoming Prayer is a kind of unwrapping. As we pray we begin to receive a gift from God,…

God With Us – Advent Week 3

For a child, waiting for Christmas is part of the excitement. Many still enjoy the Advent calendar countdown, whether or not accompanied by chocolate! Advent Week 3 – Waiting Prayer is not an instant fix with immediate answers to your personal requests. It is much more like a kind of waiting, perhaps even a longing. As…


Finding Time to Meet God

Using the story of Jesus’ transfiguration Helen encourages us to find time to meet with God as that strengthens us for the ups and downs of everyday life.

The Work of Christmas Begins

Christmas may be over but the message of Christmas remains bright and clear – Jesus brings all things from darkness to light and transforms lives. Anna and Simeon recognised this in Jesus and rejoiced, can we do that in our own lives today – recognise Jesus, and reflect his light in our daily routines.

John the Baptist’s Call to Prepare the Way for Jesus

In Advent we wait, listen and watch for the coming of Jesus – a celebration of His incarnation in a stable in Bethlehem and and His future return….. but rather than being passive, Helen talks about how John’s call makes the waiting, listening and watching all about activity.